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Balance Mental Health By Building Meditation Space Post
September 14, 2018 Tips / Nailchats in Tips

Meditation is a fascinating subject which has the effect of stabilizing the mind, relieve stress. Those who are busy in today’s life might need this one. Create habits first Meditation While many people know the great….

Face Mapping – What Is Your Acne Telling You About Your Health? Post
August 17, 2018 Tips / Nailchats in Tips

The position of acne on the face reflects the health of organs on the body which is having problems. Face mapping There are reasons why pimples pop up on certain areas on your face and that….

Washing your face in the morning is overkill, dermatologist says in new book Post
August 9, 2018 in Tips Daily showers and extensive skincare regimens are actually harming our skin, according to the new book beyond soap by dermatologist Dr.Sandy Skotnicki. Skotnicki believes that advertising from the multi-billion dollar personal hygiene industry has….

Ways To Look Fresh After A Bad Sleep Post
August 8, 2018 in Tips

One of the bad habits and disease that most of the modern people have is staying up late even there are so many advice on the importance of a good sleep. Here are the ways….

Fashion And Beauty Tips From World Supermodels Post
August 6, 2018 in Tips

If tips from one supermodel can’t make you listen to, how about tips from many supermodels? It’s clear that when you’re asked about the most essential thing in beauty, you will definitely think about your….