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How To Use Concealer Correctly For A Perfect Makeup
04 - 12 - 2018 /Makeup

There are many interesting things about concealer that girls should know to bring its best effects for perfect makeup. Eye concealer Tired eyes with dark circles will make your makeup looks bad, even how hard you try, the result will be a tired look. The following video will show you in details how to use […]

Indian Bollywood Makeup Style
04 - 03 - 2018 /Makeup
04 - 03 - 2018 /Makeup

Indian Bollywood girls always have sharp features that the whole world admires. But if you don’t know that 50% of this beauty is thanked the thorough makeup, you would be interested in this makeup style of  Indian girls. Source: Sadiiyah – Youtube Have to be sharp — Thick and curly eyebrows The highlight of the Bollywood makeup […]

Things That We Should And Shouldn’t Do When Doing Makeup
03 - 25 - 2018 /Makeup

Some people just search for the basic makeup steps and follow suit those steps while thinking those steps are enough and perfect. However, besides following steps, makeup also requires techniques or do & don’t tips, those together will indeed bring you to make up successfulness. ♥ Nailchats blog post will provide you basic do and […]

New And Unique Makeup Looks
03 - 19 - 2018 /Makeup
03 - 19 - 2018 /Makeup

You may not believe but many young girls love this new makeup style that we are going to introduce below. This makeup style is very fancy and impressive. Mainly about its colors and application. What is this makeup style? And How to apply it? Follow new color pallets, and bypass normal safe make up color […]

Beautiful Lips For A Perfect Makeup
03 - 08 - 2018 /Makeup
03 - 08 - 2018 /Makeup

Plump and smooth lips will help you apply lipstick easier and make you look more beautiful. But what to do if you don’t have beautiful lips? What are standards of beautiful lips Beautiful lips with the impressive red lipstick There are so many ways to define beauty, different people have a different perception of beauty. Therefore, […]

Prediction Of This Year’s Stand Out Trends And Fading Trends
02 - 28 - 2018 /Makeup

There are a few makeup ideas which are going to be so hot. Moreover, makeup trends last year will gradually disappear. Hot makeup trend The rise and fall of makeup trend have been occurring more quickly now. Tips and tricks for one stand out trend will be soon replaced by another in just a few […]

Lipstick Colors For Night Parties
01 - 28 - 2018 /Makeup
01 - 28 - 2018 /Makeup

Before parties or important dates is the moment that women spend a huge amount of time on makeup to have the best appearances. Choosing the right lipstick color is the top priority concern. Lipstick Colors For Night Parties Lipstick colors are on the colorful race. Besides the basic and traditional colors, there are new colors, […]

Eye Makeup For Mono-lids And Hooded Eyes
02 - 19 - 2018 /Makeup

Girls with mono-lids or hooded eyes don’t be sad and think that you can’t wear Western or bold eye makeup. These following makeup tips for your mono-lids or hooded eyes will help you more confident. Eye Makeup For Mono-lids And Hooded Eyes There is an old and wrong thought that mono-lids or hooded eyes should only […]

The Different Between European And Asian Makeup
01 - 20 - 2018 /Makeup

The two different styles of makeup base on face shape, skin tone, and hobby of women who live in different regions. The two makeup styles were mixed together Nowadays, with the strong development of media and internet, makeup industry is quickly being updated worldwide. Makeup trends are updated rapidly and followed by young girls, and […]

How Do Superstars Choose A Foundation For Their Makeup?
01 - 19 - 2018 /Makeup

To appear in big events such as film festival, music awards ceremony, or press conference … stars always need a gorgeous appearance. Therefore, a foundation makeup product is critical to them. Foundation is always a weapon for them to hide away their skin imperfections and flaws and to give them the perfect skin. How Do […]

Makeup Tips That You Haven’t Heard Before
01 - 11 - 2018 /Makeup

In makeup, we all once think that each product needs to be used as it is. However, you don’t know that in emergency situations when some products are out or are broken, there are tips you can use during those emergency situations. Makeup Tips That You Haven’t Heard Before Remove dirty mark using skincare product Draw […]

Using, Preserving Cosmetics And Makeup Tools
01 - 10 - 2018 /Makeup

Many girls don’t even know that they wasted and careless in using, preserving cosmetic and makeup tools. This can lead to adverse health consequences as a bad effect on the skin. Principles to remember when using, preserving cosmetic and makeup tools. Always store in a box Storing cosmetics in a box Cosmetic and makeup tools […]

The Newest Techniques To Take Care Of Your Eyebrows
01 - 03 - 2018 /Makeup

Eye browns are very important on a woman face. Woman with beautiful and even eyebrows will make her face look well-proportioned and nicer. Therefore, women should know how to make up your eyebrows, and update new beauty trend for eyebrows. The Newest Techniques To Take Care Of Your Eyebrows Eyebrow powder Eyebrow powder Is different from […]

Trendy Makeup Looks For Party
12 - 26 - 2017 /Makeup
12 - 26 - 2017 /Makeup

If you think that makeup is just applying red lipstick, foundation, blusher, and drawing eyebrows,… you should think about it again. Because when you are following a makeup trend, you have to do your makeup by a specific style, a particular color tone. Trendy Makeup Looks For Party Gold brown makeup look ♥ Gold-brown makeup […]

Emma Watson’s Makeup Look
12 - 18 - 2017 /Makeup
12 - 18 - 2017 /Makeup

Beautiful and famous Britain actress – Emma Watson is always hailed a goddess of beauty. Besides her gorgeous look, Emma Watson has charisma. But can not negate that makeup has an essential role in helping her to look more bright and shiny. Emma Watson’s Makeup Look Natural eyebrows style Eyebrows Get a bold eyebrow with natural drawing. Drawing the eyebrow as […]