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Getting Ombre Hair At Home

DIY hair dyes can be simple and easy with high success rate if you know how to use professional hair styling tools.

Ombre hair is a hot trend

Gorgeous ombre hair

Even though ombre trend has been around for a long time, each year, hair designers continuously launch new trendy ombre colors and they soon become the most favorited hairstyle of superstars all over the world. Therefore, ombre is predicted to be hot for a very long time.

Trendy hair color ideas

  • Black hair with ombre

Silky black hair and ombre hair dye are really on trend. Using ombre hair dye on black hair will help to avoid damaging your hair by using too much bleach, your hair will be less damaged and especially you can cut the ombre part when you don’t like it anymore. Gentle spreading color hair and not too bright compare to black hair is the most sought after.

Some suggested hair colors for you are black – bright yellow ombre, black – purple ombre, black – smokey gray ombre, black – cobalt blue ombre, super trendy black – pink ombre.

Black – bright yellow ombre

  • Color combination

Is a new trend that best suits young and dynamic people who want to express themselves through fashion style and hairstyle. Ombre hair regularly uses more than 2-3 bright colors. Some combination ideas are bright green, pastel blue, pure red, wine red on yellow or smokey brown base,…create a gorgeous color pallet on your hair.

  • Color of candies

If you have the rosy white skin tone, the stylish and impressive opal hair is the best that helps you stand out from a crowd, make you look sweet, young and trendy.

How to get ombre hair at home

Colorful ombre hair

It is not difficult if you know how. To have a beautiful and professional ombre hair, all you need are skills and hair dying tools.

Here is a video that will show you how to get ombre hair at home by using simple tools

Step 1: Mix the yellow liquid

Step 2: Make sure your hair isn’t tangled.

Step 3: Use special tools to clip the ombre dye parts into place.The tool has a slight curve body and simple clamp part with teeth. The slight curve body is used to create the natural color and the clamp part is to keep the hair fixed in place and adjust the height as you wish.

Step 4: Using a brush and start bleaching your hair at the ends. Make sure that you coat all of the hair that you want to color. Wait for about 30-45 then rinse with water.

You will get a beautiful ombre hair.


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