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Do You Know Which Items Are Hot In Recent Months? Post
October 15, 2018 Fashion / Nailchats in Fashion

To be precise, all the hot and trending fashion clothes and accessories in recent months or recent years are indeed the fashion trend. So do you know what the fashion trends in the world are….

The World’s Top Elegant High Heels Post
October 10, 2018 Fashion / Nailchats in Fashion

The famous brand of high heels in the world have their own special style to affirm the value and quality of the brand. The high heel design which brings the beauty and power to women….

Tiffany Young (SNSD) Is A Global Representative For H&M Post
October 8, 2018 Fashion / Nailchats in Fashion

The famous Swedish brand H&M has chosen a member of a famous Korean band, who is actively participating in the music industry as a solo singer with a new stage name, to be the brand….

Introducing The Beautiful Red Cross-Body Louis Vuitton Bag Post
October 5, 2018 Fashion / Nailchats in Fashion

The full name of the bag is Louis Vuitton Pasadena Crossbody Bag Monogram Vernis, with the size and design are extremely youthful and luxurious. This is a bright red bag but it is easy to….

Some Fashion Principles That Are No Longer Suit Current Trends Post
October 4, 2018 in Fashion

You should give up some of the fashion principles which seems unchanged but the fact is they have become obsolete. Today, fashion is the diversity of creativity, not self-contained, rigid. Some Fashion Principles That Are….