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Dark Color Nail Designs For The Autumn

Autumn is often the time for trees to shed their leaves and for you to free the mind. Colors symbolize this season are those with darker tones evoking a soft and warm feeling. Using them for your nails may bring an interesting combination.

Dark Color

Suggestions color for these nail designs are cold colors such as brown – the color of the soil, white smoke or gold color combine with fresh colors like dark blue or green to diverse the shade and avoid making nail designs look boring.

Nailchats suggest some nail designs that are very suitable for that idea as follows:

  • Striped Nails

Striped Nail designs


Blend nude color with a bit of pink and brown to create a unique nail polish color. To make this nail design look unique, the nail artist uses a brush to paint dark color stripes on nails and natural finishes the nail design with a light nude base coat.


  • Wine red

Wine red nail design


Paint a thick purple – wine red layer to create a subdued base coat, then paint bright silver zigzags on the nails to make them look luxurious and attractive. This nail design is suitable for the evening party and events.


  • Impressive sandy gold

Sandy gold nail design


The color of the nail polish is very suitable for the weather of the coming autumn. The golden glitter is blended well with the light brown creating a new color like a white sand full of sunshine.

This nail design is straightforward to make, firstly, paint the nails with a beautiful shimmer polish, then apply a thick top coat to create a shiny finish look for the nail design.


  • Mystery black for October

Mystery autumn nail design


Halloween is one of the most significant events in Fall which you would give excellent care. Black and white color together with horror details make a great nail design. An example is a crescent symbol, an art drawing of fog and a spider web, all in black and white. Because of the complexity of the design, let a professional nail design handle this for you.


  • Ocean blue 

Ocean blue nail design


Outline the dark blue ocean with subdued strokes combine with a changing in color in an artistic way. Sketching deep Blue Ocean using fade strokes and applying changes of color makes your drawing attractive and arrogant. You can feel that just looking at the picture and imagine that you are in the middle of the ocean. Or it depends on your emotion and imagination when you draw this nail design.


  • Creative autumn color

Beautiful nail design for autumn season


Another more joyful Fall style is to draw falling leaves on bright yellow background. Besides, a layer of dark cabbage green or dark red shimmer nail polish can be applied. This nail design looks cheerful and is suitable for optimistic girls.


content & photograph credit ® 2017 nailchats

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