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1-Minutes Hairstyles For Work Tutorial
05 - 06 - 2018

3 simple and quick hairstyles that make girls always look pretty and neat for hot summer days.

3 hairstyles for work

Make simple hairstyle for work

All you need are

  • Elastic hair bands
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairstyling sprays

First, let have a look at the tutorial video below to know how to make those easy hairstyles.

Hairstyle 1:

Brush the hair and divide it into 3 sections: left, right and the back, start from the top of the head.

Slightly tease the hair and spritz it with hairspray, do this for 3 layers of the hair.

Gather and tie the teased hair with an elastic hair band, use the hands to pull the hair to create more volume slightly.

Next, take the left section, slightly twist and threat it through the ponytail, then use the elastic hair band to tie it with the ponytail. Do the same on the right section.

To hide the elastic hair band, use a strand of hair to wrap around it and secure it with a bobby pin. Once finished the hairstyle, your hair will look thicker and fuller that make you more fashionable.

Simple hairstyle but looks so pretty and outstanding

Hairstyle 2:

Elegant and pretty French ponytail.

First, divide the hair in half, secure the top half with a clip, tie up the lower half. Create a hole and threat the hair through it to create a twist.

Tie up the top half and do the same with lower half, you will have 2 twists. To hide the top ponytail, let threat it through the lower ponytail and merge them into one.

Use the hand to pull out the hair to create more volume gently and simply finish this hairstyle by securing the hair with bobby pins.

Simple and easy French bun hairstyle

Hairstyle 3:

This bun hairstyle is easy to do but brings fancy for office girls.

Take small sections from 2 sides of the crown. Slightly twist and tie them into a little ponytail. Drag the elastic hair band down to loosen the ponytail.

Take some hair from each side, slightly twist and loop it through the ponytail to create a simple and neat braid.

After finishing with the hair on 2 sides, let gather all the hair and tie them with an elastic hair band. Twist this hair part around to create a low, elegant French bun, then secure it with a bobby pin and use hairstyling spray to finish this hairstyle.

Let change the hairstyles to look dynamic and fresh for long working days.


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